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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Daily Reader My New Favorite Mobile RSS Reader
Well as I have already said lately I discovered the joy of RSS I have now started using a new RSS reader  on my Android device, with a much smaller memory footprint and off-line reading available Daily Reader ( Google Reader ) is my new top choice Android reader , take a look at it and see what you think.
What I love the most is the off-line reading which is so useful never mind the fact it saves on data charges, it's easy to get carried aways reading things that interest you and blam you are nearly if not over your limit for that month but with Daily Reader you can choose to read the saved page option ( provided you enabled that setting in settings, find it under settings >> display content >> select the saved page option for off-line viewing).
My android phone has a stupidly small amount of internal memory so the small memory foot print ( which I find a nice surprise  especially considering it has off-line reading , I would think it would have a bigger memory foot print, but I'm no expert on these things) is always welcome.

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