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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Food Shopping Apps/ to hopefully help you out at this busy time of year.
Well Christmas is upon us and unless you are crazy all your Christmas presents will be bought but what about the food, whats Christmas without FOOD.
I was quite surprised at all the shopping apps there are out their available on Android  to help you save money and make life easier when food shopping lets take a look.
In the UK we love our supermarkets and each respective supermarket has it's own app .
This app has alot of features and seems very popular has the Google play store reviews are glowing take a look for yourself.
Some of the features it boasts are :

  • Shop the full grocery range available on our desktop website

  • - Browse the app as a guest; no need to create an ASDA Home Shopping login

  • - Start your shop from your Favourites and quickly add those items to your trolley

  • - Browse special offers; tap the red Multisave flags to view all items included in the offer

  • - Find and learn about items using voice search, barcode scanner and QR code scanner

  • - Sort items by price; filter by type or by your favourite brand

  • - Book a delivery time slot; easily amend your slot up until 10pm the day before your 
delivery and set a calendar appointment to remind you of your delivery date/time

  • - Order groceries online and collect at selected stores with Click & Collect

  • - Top up your ASDA delivery order while on the go; amend (or cancel) your order

  • - View ASDA’s petrol price at your nearest petrol station

  • - Find your nearest ASDA store, view opening hours and get directions

  • - Store the app on your SD card
It basically sounds like you nearly have the full asda store website on your phone doesn't it. The app is 3.2MB which is a  pretty small memory footprint ( but the app is able to be stored on the SD card which is even better ).

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy News

 OOOoooohhhhh yey, I've just read some very  Happy News  Seth MacFarlane is to guest voice on an episode of The Simpsons, what joy. I love everything Seth has done and I've always loved The Simpsons. From alot of the reviews I've read online this season of The Simpsons isn't doing so great and I admit it does feel like when I watch it they have run out of ideas but I want to be clear here I love the Simpsons and after all they are in their 24TH!!! season  which is a massive achievement. We also have the extra treat that Seth will sing in the episode. Take a look at the link above for more information. I'm really looking forward to this episode two of my faves in one happy days.

The Joy of RSS

I only got my first PC ( a laptop ) 18 months and since then I can honestly say I learn something new everyday.
When I was a child my dad would say you should always learn something new everyday and often ask me well what have you learnt today and I always have to rack my brains to think of something well now everyday my brain is getting bigger  , whether it's something regarding how to use my PC and get the most out of it or learn a new function or just learning a new fact by reading something on-line.
Well my brain is now expanding much faster as I have discovered the joy of RSS feeds, all the information from the news and websites you are interested in in one place , what could be better . I'm not what you would a 'techie' so take a look at my favorite website Gizmo's  for some good infomation on what RSS feeds are if you don't already know.
Gizmo's freeware/ tech support alert /what is RSS all about

I found what for me is the prefect set-up , I can always find something interesting to read. As most of us already have a Google account these days the first thing I did was set up Google reader
 Google Reader
Then I connected it to Feedly because I prefer the view / look of Feedly and it as more fuctions .
Then lastly I installed g reader on my android phone , I installed g reader instead of Feedly or Google reader on my phone because it has a smaller memory foot-print ( as we all know memory is precious on our android devices ) and more features
g reader / Google Play Store
plus with the Speech Synthesis app your phone can then read out the articles to you, this speech app also works well with Pocket another one of my loves.
So if you've never used RSS before give it a go and impress your friends with the useless and maybe some useful knowledge you have.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

BBC News - Risk of robot uprising wiping out human race to be studied

How much do I love this article ,  typical British eccentric behavior, you would think Cambridge  brain-boxes would have better things to do with their time.
BBC News - Risk of robot uprising wiping out human race to be studied

Thursday, 22 November 2012

HHMMMMMMmmmm er I don't get Christmas, I suppose if I had kids I would but I don't and there are only so many bones and squeaky toys I can buy my doggies ( who are my babies )  .

Monday, 19 November 2012

 Well we already know what type I am ha ha

Anyone here a facebook lurker ? Well I am I look at everyone's posts and very rarely comment or like, do you guys think I'm in the wrong for doing that maybe I am these days I'm not a very social person but it
looks like I may have a condition

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Maybe your wondering why 'Glass Houses' well it comes from one of my grandmas favorite sayings, 'those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' well I think it applies to me . People like to think they are better than me and judge me on my past ( don't worry I'm not a mass murderer or anything like that) I've just had my problems but haven't we all.