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Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Joy of RSS

I only got my first PC ( a laptop ) 18 months and since then I can honestly say I learn something new everyday.
When I was a child my dad would say you should always learn something new everyday and often ask me well what have you learnt today and I always have to rack my brains to think of something well now everyday my brain is getting bigger  , whether it's something regarding how to use my PC and get the most out of it or learn a new function or just learning a new fact by reading something on-line.
Well my brain is now expanding much faster as I have discovered the joy of RSS feeds, all the information from the news and websites you are interested in in one place , what could be better . I'm not what you would a 'techie' so take a look at my favorite website Gizmo's  for some good infomation on what RSS feeds are if you don't already know.
Gizmo's freeware/ tech support alert /what is RSS all about

I found what for me is the prefect set-up , I can always find something interesting to read. As most of us already have a Google account these days the first thing I did was set up Google reader
 Google Reader
Then I connected it to Feedly because I prefer the view / look of Feedly and it as more fuctions .
Then lastly I installed g reader on my android phone , I installed g reader instead of Feedly or Google reader on my phone because it has a smaller memory foot-print ( as we all know memory is precious on our android devices ) and more features
g reader / Google Play Store
plus with the Speech Synthesis app your phone can then read out the articles to you, this speech app also works well with Pocket another one of my loves.
So if you've never used RSS before give it a go and impress your friends with the useless and maybe some useful knowledge you have.

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